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Innovation and Engagement, be it for education or entertainment, is the mantra that drives Dream Factory. The known we know. It is the unknown that fascinates us.

Dream Factory is an audiovisual multimedia production company dedicated to creating engaging promotional, educational, and training products and services. Founded in Washington, DC in June of 1996, Dream Factory renders services to several local state, and federal, public institutions and private corporations.

Media Production Center

Dream Factory designed and built the first university media production center at Ahlia University, Bahrain.  Key to its design were the building of a:  

  •  Sound Stage 
  •  Light grid system  
  •  Sound Booth  
  •  Cycloranma
  •  Control Room  
  •  Green Room
  •  Make Up Room  
  •  10-bay Post Suite 
  •  Photo Studio 

Video documentation of educational, training, and special events: Pre-production: Collaborate with clients to identify and outline key training/educational concepts for production. Script-writing: Devised production script and storyboard for shooting wide range of productions

 Video/Film: Professionally document presentations in high definition (HD)

Post Production

Video Editing: Convert raw footage into streamlined story Color Correct: Merge multiple camera footage to visually streamlined story. Audio: Sound enhancement, dubbing, closed captioning, and mixing 

Strategic Planning   Devised five-year plan for building new media production center Wrote one, three, and five-year marketing and educational programs 

Education and Training                 

Curriculum Design: Research and write subject specific training/educational programs in university level Visual Communications and  K-12 level Art and Technology Program     Course Development: Create topic specific syllabus and training modules inclusive of: 

  1. Digital Photography Workshop 
  2. Intro to Video production Workshop                              
  3. Fade to Black University course                          
  4. Visual Storytelling   
  5. Capstone Project (graduate level project)                    
  6. Mini Lessons  
  7. Conference Presentations
  8. Design Services      

Graphic Design: Posters, fliers, brochures        

Website Design:

Create HTML and Word Press web design

Dream Factory is licensed and registered with the US federal government as an LLC 

Corporation currently incorporated in Atlanta Georgia. It has an Advisory Board composed of prominent educators, administrators, and technical experts in the audiovisual field or audiovisual communication.

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