Art Jones, Director


As director, writer and producer with Dream Factory, Art has spearheaded the production of several thought provoking documentary films. Most remarkable was the groundbreaking film Models of Success which followed the career trajectory  of three dynamic Arab women from Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain. Its success eventually led to an invitation to build Ahlia University’s HD Media Production Center, Bahrain, and the design of a degree granting curriculum in Visual Communication. Since returning to the US, Art has directed several commercial and short films. His most significant documentary work to date is Ali's Comeback: The Untold Story,  schedule for theatrical release in 2020.

Mazen Malas, Co-Director/Editor


You want what? When..? No problem.

Mazen Malas is a man of great vision an boundless imagination. He began his career with Open Sesame (the Arabic version of Sesame Street), and have worked across the Arab work on multiple dynamic productions inclusive of TV commercials, prime time television shows, and engaging documentaries. He was DoP and editor on the documentary film Models of Success and was the creative brain-trust in crafting the feature documentary Ali’s Comeback: The Untold Story. 

Brittany Wyatt, Producer


Ah, I'll take you there.

Brittany Graduated from Howard University with a degree in TV Production and a minor in Theater Arts. She interned at MTV, Dream Factory and Nickelodeon. She honed her skills in producing at BET where she developed numerous prime time shows. Brittany played a key role in the production of the featured documentary film, Thirteen Percent [13%], and rose form the role of associate producer to Producer on the groundbreaking film, Ali’s Comeback: The Untold Story.  

Mandy Fason, Co-Producer


Going slow and easy means you get there last...

 Mandy has been a part of many feature films, music videos, television series and commercials as a model, actress, director, script supervisor, and producer. As an in-house producer at Dempsey Film Group she produced over 50 commercials. These ranged from 15K to 1.5M dollar budgets. In the span of 2 years, those 50 commercials included 3 Gold Addy Winners, 3 Silver Addy Winners, and 4 Bronze Addy Winners. 

Daoud Bowling, Director of Photography

David 'Daoud' Bowling has been working in the film industry for over two and half decades. He has wo

Yeah, I read that.

 David 'Daoud' Bowling has been working in the film industry for over two and half decades. He has worked regularly in radio, TV and Film both behind and in front of the camera. His sci-fi credits include PA on "RoboCop 3" and "Freejack" then moving to camera work as the cinematographer and co-director of the music video "Even Now" for singer Lashea.   

Jay Vazquez, GRAPHIC Designer


Just say how you want it. I've got it.

Few possess the unique artistic skills that can combined the brilliance of Salvador Dali and the  intricate visual weaving of Abdul Mati. Jay can. With one foot in surrealistic fine art and the other with the commercial realm, jay Vasquez repeatedly produces awe inspiring art.  We are sooooo lucky to have him on our team.

Tylon Davis, Production Coordinator


The Man with the Plan

Every production needs a Ty Davis to structure the budget, keep a close eye on expenses, and inform the director when he has reached his monetary limit.  Beyond being our sometime accountant,  line producer, and scheduler, Ty is an invaluable source for creative financing whenever the need calls for it...

Mark Stith, Lead Researcher


If it exist, I'll find it.

Every production team needs someone who will embrace the arduous task of spending countless hours combing through dusty archives to uncover invaluable information. Often that new info  will inform us, and ultimately our audience with phenomenal insight about a given subject. \mark is that rare researcher whio can literally find that needle within the haystack. 

Olaymika Cole, associate Producer for Distribution


Today is yesterday already?!

The newest member of our team, as associate producer for distribution, Ola works closely  with distributors and sales agents  on matter pertaining to distribution; , stock houses regarding pricing for third party  images and clips; legal concerns, and scripting when needed